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Photo Courtesy of Mark Hector Siege racing the 1974 250 Mag Husqvarna at Goldendale, May 2011

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1 Siege decides to go back again to the AHRMA Nationals in Arizona (early February 2005)

2 Siege and Dirk Williams venture to Carnegie to contest the AHRMA Regional

3 Siege trundles for 38 hours with his CZ & YZ all the way to Wittmann Arizona
for the AHRMA Nationals at Speedworld (January 2004)

4 Siege drags his CZ400 down to the AHRMA Nationals at Hollister
and battles Wild Pigs and a few fast locals (October 2003)

5 Siege drives back to the AHRMA Race at Eugene a year later
and races the CZ & the YZ465. (June 2003)

6 Siege whips down to the AHRMA Race at E-Street Race
in Marysville California to try to beat the other guy.
(December 2002)

7 Siege travels to the AHRMA Race at Willow Creek
outside Madras Oregon.
(September 2002)

8 Siege drives to the AHRMA Race at Terretorial Raceway
outside Eugene Oregon
to kick some butt. (June 2002)

9 Siege goes to the AHRMA Race at Sears Point in the
Bay Area of California
to kick some butt. (April 2002)

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