VDR: February at Woodland : My first ride on the Montesa:
cold & wet, but the bike fantastic. Note the tear off hanging...

After the Main, head steaming.

RIGHT PHOTO • there are two bolts holding on the mag cover. During the initial races I noticed these two bolts missing. I replaced them, which wasn't so easy because they are 7mm, so no local stores have replacements. After the next race at Alderdale I saw again that that one of them was gone, and so I safety wired them. After the race in Spokane I saw again that only was one still there ! Confounded, I gazed at it for a few minutes and thought there's no way that bolt can have disappeared- I safety wired it myself !

Then I saw that the one that had come out was hanging on the end of its tether under the Montesa. I thought that bolt can't have spun. After loking at the whole thing I realized that the problem was. There are only two bolts holding on that cover besides the kickshaft itself. Each bolt goes through a dowel, and the dowel hole and the threads them selves had gotten all sloppy from the force the rider exerts against these two modest bolt/dowel combination EVERY time he kicks the engine over. When the bike is new it's all snug and fine. But the shaft can move, the dowels and bolts all begin the move a little, and it's only a matter of time till the weak link in the chain gives way- and that is the bolt and dowel directly under the kickshaft. I had a macine shop make new dowles that are a little bigger OD on a lathe, and helicoil the threads. But the threads are in Aluminum, and the problem is really still there. However the frame rail is also directly underneath that bolt, so I added the PVC joint (easy to file & modify) to take the load off the bolts.