here I chase 411 John Fourcroy & 41 Steve Sweet:
these Gentleman held me off all the way to the flag; we finished 4-5-6.

Coffee! The food truck was serving coffee, and I went right down there. They were really cool, and for the second time I was very glad they were there.

I have to say I was absolutely THRILLED with the bike. It was absolutely fantastic. The bike pulls like a freight train, and handled like a dream, hooking up through the first corner as though it was on rails. Over jumps it flew like a champ, and I didn’t fall down all weekend. In practice I had a scary moment when, along with two or three other guys came ripping over the first jump, and right down to where a rider was lying directly in the middle of the track, and a stationary rider on the right. The flagger was doing the classic timid wave, down low & out of sight until too late, and I barely missed him. He rolled left and I went between them.

+40 Vintage Heat •(pictured)

I had a fine time, finishing 6th of 12. Ahead of me Steve Sweet, John Fourcroy & Gene Anderson.

+40 Heat • gate 2 (half of the entrants)
1 Tim Moore 57 Yamaha 11
2 Dennis Rowedder 90M Husq 2 2
3 Gene Anderson 90R Husq 3 4
4 John Fourcroy 411 Bultaco 4 5
5 Steve Sweet 41K Yamaha 5 9
6 Siege 306 CZ 6 3
7 Christian Otero 94W Bultaco 7 7
8 Pete Biddy 89W Husq 8 8
9 Aren Clark 120 Penton 9 11
10 Steve Kaufmann 75L BSA 10 10
11 Wayne Gray 65L Yamaha 11 6
12 George Smith 81W Husq 12 -

Open Sportsman Heat: The sign said race 8 on the track- I had 3 motos to get to the gate...
you know whats coming:

I went up, got the CZ, and went back, and to my amazement saw that moto 11 was just leaving the gate!

I roared out late, like an idiot- chasing another rider also starting late, on a four stroke Honda. This rider promptly threw it away in turn one. I decided nothing mattered, and I’d just see how many bikes I could catch, and I managed to catch about four, finishing 10th of 13. The four stroke man, it must be noted, came steaming by a lap later, pulled away, and I finished 10th behind him.

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