CJ on Giles'z CZ

Sunday was Vintage. Giles Nelson offered me his CZ250, and I couldn't turn him down. The bike was superb, and the only problsm I had at all was learning to rev the bike. My own CZ400 Animal pulls off the bottom like mad, and just had to break the habit of using the torque at low revs. I entered 250 Sportsman, which really is a well contested class, and coming off 4 months of recovery I really should have entered a slightly easier class. (whatever that means) I got moderate starts in both motos; I chased various riders, finished 6th. Hmmm. For the main I vowed to hold the throttle on longer, and I managed to do much better- felt faster, got my game on. To my surprise I had gone backwards and finished 8th. I wouldn't have managed the 8th overall if I hadn't been on a cool bike. My thanks to Giles for the very kind offer.

Of course Dirk got the holeshot & won Classic 250, Bart cleaned up in Classic 125. I saw many old friends who'd I'd never met in person before: Bill Ramsey, Jerry Kelly, Mark Smith, Paul Hefterich... such is the nature of Vintage Motocross.

Dave Boydston & Dan Matthews (the track owner) did a really awesome job of the whole weekend- the Cat was working on the track Saturday Night as we fell into bed, and were alreday working on it when we woke up in the darkness of 6am! They were committed! (Or they needed to be committed!)


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