HELLBENT RACING • 1974/1980 the Ten Dollar Special

VDR - May 1st 1999 125 Evolution class (IT175) € The gate fell, & I was astonished at how much quicker the IT seems to have become! I was not left for dead on the start line- and despite the bottle neck at the start I got through unscathed, and began to run down out & out motorcross bikes that the humble IT had absolutely no business doing- I chased various big bikes; Bill Brown, Dale Jacobus, and finally as we entered the lefthander before the tall table by the start Dalešs bike got sideways, and BANG we came together- it was one of those racing things- quick and over before you could do anything. He went down, I stayed up- and kept on going-but I felt bad- even though I hadnšt cut him off or anything- later I went over to make certain things were cool- and he was all smiles- and waved his hand with a warm smile, and said no big deal. (a decent fellow I must say { English accent } )

Both heats were like this- and Scott McAllister remarked later that I went by him as though he was standing still- (or a phrase like that) which says something about how different courses suit different bikes - because hešs on a 370 Pursang, and Išm riding a well suspended DT175. And Scott is not slow... But I was having a good day- and the IT was a JOY to race- I canšt remember a time when I was so thrilled with this little bike- recently Jonathan asked why I was racing it- and my thought was that he didnšt realize how fast it could be ridden- in the old Momentum King style of racing a bike with no power and miles of suspension-

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