HELLBENT RACING • the Animal - CZ400 Special- the cool bits.

the CZ400 Special- Here's a mod I called for and George designed- a Brake that pivots on the footpeg, rather than the original pivot point, which you can see just behind.
The brake, like the shifter was bizarrely high (if you're used to a normal bike) so George took off the brake, and fabricated this new lever ( from a wrench) as many things on
the Special are. Of course I kept the original CZ lever. Also note George's Skate Wheel chain tensioner.

OK- this is cool. Here is the adaptor (three views) that George made when he built the bike originally to adapt the
MAICO front End to the Yamaha Hub without destroying the stanchion.

Special as follows: CMS frame, CZ400 4-Speed engine, Maico front end & fender,
Yamaha front wheel, Sun rear rim,
CZ rear hub, Mikuni Carb, BSA 441 Victor Tank, Works Shocks, Magnum Pipe

thanks to my friend Reese Dengler for finding the above ad.

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Photos by CJ