CRASH! I awoke. CRASH, KLONG klink klong BONG bang crunch crunch

what in the hell is that racket at this hour- what time is it? (2am is the answer.)

CRUNCH, BANG klink ding klong
The noise continued along with some grunts and squeaks and a few oinks. Really I have to say that the oinks gave it away, it was a sounder (that’s right; sounder = a herd) of WILD PIGS who’d strolled down from the hills to see if anything cool was in the trash cans, and maybe admire some of the fine safety wiring on afew select machines.

They knocked the cans over loudly at regular intervals, and then rummaged through them, grunting squarbling and generally having a fine time. It’s not a problem if you’re sleeping in a motorhome, but in a tent we were lying there while they partied a few inches away. I figured that I might as well pee now, since I was awake and managed to get a shot off, standing on a picnic table.

Various tough guys were bravely shining their flashlights out of the safety of their trucks. I hiked up the hill looking to get a closer photograph, but then heard a much deeper and bigger grunt and then wondered if I would be eaten next, and decided to retire.

They did come back at 4 for the “4 o'clock feeding” as Bobby later put it wryly, and we woke up all over again.

OK, finally I slept the last two hours of the night, and it was time for us to get up.

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