HELLBENT RACING • 1974/1980 the Ten Dollar Special

November 10th 1995 - One week before my first ever race at VDR, I am looking for firewood, and behind an industrial place that fixes bulldozers, I see a frame sitting with long grass growing through it- There is no engine, no tank- no seat- I buy it for $10. It has been spray painted white with a can, and the paint is flaking off. We discover that my old DT175 engine which is sitting around doing nothing bolts right in, afte sawing off some fins so the pipe fits, we have a race bike!
(see lower close up of engine)

Looking at it now it's funny- scrappy and earnest- with the wrong tank, the wrong engine, a seat that's bungee'd on- the front fenders cracked and ready for BATTLE. This is December 1995 at Woodland . Jonathan is seen in the in the background working on the MX250. Despite being underpowered compared with most race bikes I encounter, it is easy to ride and reliable. At the bottom of the page you can see how it looked a year into it's racing career.

early days

the $10 Special as a Weapon

just take the hack saw and chop out a few fins!

note the bungee cord: required by law
when you first start racing.

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